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Founded in 1890 as Ten Horn Winches, Ship’s Equipment Centre Groningen B.V. (SEC), a company of Central Industry Group (CIG), designs, engineers and manufactures deck equipment of the highest quality. Thanks to close cooperation with leading yards, shipowners and navies, our products comply with the very latest maritime industry requirements.

Low on maintenance and high on sustainability, SEC’s TEN HORN winches are available with four drive systems: electric, conventional hydraulic, electric-hydraulic and frequency driven. From anchor and mooring winches to sophisticated towing winches and special purpose winches, all products are built to classification and to your specific requirements. Our compact and turnkey electric-hydraulic winches are unique in the market as the hydraulic power pack is fully integrated in the gearbox. With no piping and post-installation flushing required, you will enjoy major savings in installation time as well as hydraulic oil costs.

SEC is the manufacturer of the innovative POOL® anchors. Available in the range of 8 to 26.000 kg, they are the world’s leading brand in High Holding Power and Super High Holding Power anchors. Weight savings of 25 percent compared to conventional anchors can easily work out to extra cargo on board. They are also balanced anchors that do not swing against the hull, are exceptionally easy to handle and also offer major savings in time when dropping and raising.

To complete your deck equipment package, SEC supplies ISO- and DIN-compliant bollards, chocks, fairleads and warping rollers for every type of vessel. Most items are available directly from stock, making us a valued partner for repair yards. The ability to give advice on mooring arrangements during the design stage of your vessel adds further value.


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