single fairleads

Single fairleads

SEC roller-fairleads are designed for either one or two ropes. They can be welded either into the bulwark or on deck. All the SEC Fairtrans fairleads consist of rollers with a bronze-steel bearing and grease lubrication.

Apart from the standard types, custom-made fairleads can also be designed. Upon request and in consultation, SEC designs fairleads with defferent measurements, bearings or weights, as well as types complying with OCIMF regulations.

To suit extreme inboard or outboard angles of the mooring lines, the basic simple fiarlead(FA) may have to be modified by adding vertical rollers. The options include addition of one additional roller on either the left or right side of the fairlead, or both.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to expand the basic simple fairlead (FA) with an additional horizontal roller (FA-G). This type can also be combined with any of the possible combinations of additional vertical rollers.

For more information:
- Technical specification – Fairleads



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