60070471 HMW - 100 kN

Hydraulic mooring winch 100 kN

SEC – Hydraulic mooring winch 100 kN

The operation of a SEC- hydraulic mooring winch can be either mechanical directly above the power pack, or electrical, by means of a potentiometer placed in a seawater resistant box on, or inside, the winch.

The supply of oil (flow and pressure) to the hydraulic motor can be realized by a combined existing power pack on board, whereas certain hydraulic parts will be delivered to guarqntee a fail-safe operation. When no power pack is available to operate the winches, a dedicated power pack can be delivered by SEC.

The standard features which come with this hydraulic winch are:
- Stepless speed control
- Low noise level and compact construction
- Only one hydraulic drive required




For more information:
- 3D – Drawing HMW – 100 kN
- Technical specification – HMW 100 kN

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